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Dominating The Search Engines

You already know that google brings more business to companies than any other marketing medium on the planet. But, how do you solve the puzzle to ranking? How do you beat out your competitors that are ranking above you? Your busy doing what you do and that is where I come in...

Local SEO Specialist

seo services Hi, Sean Cavanaugh here. As an SEO provider my primary goal is to help you make more money. I am part of an exclusive group of the greatest seo minds on the planet today. Through those relationships I am able to continually bring you cutting edge ranking methods that constantly stay ahead of the curb.

If your website is not ranking at the top of Google for your keywords then your losing business. Your competitors are taking that business that just as easily could be yours.

You need an SEO expert to take you where your customers are. In today's technological climate your business is a few smart phone clicks away.

Why Choose Our Firm?

If you want to drive more customers to your website then you have come to the right place. It does not matter if your company is located in Newnan, Peachtree City, Atlanta metro area, or major cities in Georgia and beyond our SEO services can help.

Imagine if your business was located at the busiest intersection in your city. You had an amazing looking building with signs that just drew people in. That's what we can do for you on the search engines. Place your company front and center with hands held high so that everyone sees you.

How It Works:

Step one is to examine your website. We want to ensure that your site is not currently under penalty by Google. Also, we want to determine if any previous SEO is hampering your rankings. All of the onpage factors that go into ranking will be addressed for maximum effectiveness.

The Second step is to ensure that you have a Google My Business page that has been verified. We want to ensure that you have social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin. These are all sites that hold great trust in Google's eyes. Not only do the search engines expect you to have them, but your customers as well. Trust is a huge ranking factor and we want to make sure all of the basics are covered.

Citations are references to your company that include your name, address, and phone number. They can be very powerful in moving your site up the search ladder. However, not all citations are equal. We will set up relevant and trustworthy sources that will provide a powerful foundation.

The goal is for your business to blanket the first page for your search keywords. Using the previous methods described and some more in depth techniques you will find your site increasing in the organic listings, and the maps section. We will also strive to have your social properties show up as well. Just having your website in the top ten will have a dramatic impact on your business. Imagine what having 2, 3, or more show up can do.

What if you had the key to explode the quantity and quality of customers your business receives?
And that key was affordable in relation to the increase in ongoing profits.
Would you implement that immediately into your business?

Stop Losing Customers To Your Competition


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